This Artist Replaces Billboards with Images of the Landscapes They’re Blocking



This gal….I love this gal. What an amazing concept!

Instead of driving down a scenic route and checking out ugly billboards hocking heaven knows what, you can again enjoy the beauty of nature.

Photo Credit: DesertX

At least, you can if you’re headed down the Gene Autry Trail near Vista Chino, CA. That’s where artist Jennifer Bolande (for DesertX) installed her Visible Distance/Second Sight project.

Here’s a description from the website:

“Each photograph is unique to its position along this route and at a certain point as one approaches each billboard, perfect alignment with the horizon will occur thus reconnecting the space that the rectangle of the billboard has interrupted.

In the language of billboard advertising this kind of reading is referred to as a Burma-Shave after the shaving cream company of the same name who used sequential placement to create messaging that could be read only from a moving vehicle.

Within the desert empire of roadside signs, Bolande chooses to advertise the very thing so often overlooked. Looking up at the billboards our attention is drawn back to the landscape itself, pictured here as a stuttering kinesthetic of real and artificial horizons.”

Yes, please. More of this.

h/t: TwistedSifter