Canadian artist Keith Busher took a spin on upcycling Precious Moments figures and making them brilliantly evil.

His collection is called “Precious Mutations.”

Totally creepy! Here’s a before and after shot.

Precious Moments debuted in 1978 by illustrator Samual John Butcher, in which these characters were used to depict American-Christian themes. They were a hit and gained popularity.

Today, they’re sought after collector’s items. Some original statues price upwards of $6,000!

Each “remake” takes Busher about a few months to make, factoring in many details. He interviewed with Country Living discussing how this horrifically wonderful creation started.

“After feeling guilty about his kids spending so much time watching television, Keith took his daughters to a thrift store “to seek out inspiration for a new creative project.”

“We went out in search of something we could upcycle and I got stuck in the figurine section looking at all these uber sweet, sometimes awkward figurines,” he tells “I thought that with a little tweaking, they could become quite humorous and much more desirable.”

If you’re looking to buy one of these haunting figures, slide into his DM!

And for anyone looking for a little nostalgic Pennywise from Stephen King’s It, he finished one.

It did sell, but he left a note saying there are other awesome things in the works.

“I believe I am done with this one, it was sold before everything blew up so I’m sorry to disappoint…I have some really cool pieces coming I haven’t shared yet ;)”

Here are some more creepiness…


So if you have any horror-loving friends, be sure to check out Busher’s IG and get it ordered before Christmas!