This Gas Station’s Hilarious Signs Make the Entire Town Laugh

©Facebook,Wallingford Sign


If you ever happen to be in the Seattle, Washington area sometime in the near future, you should definitely think about paying a little visit to Seattle Propane at Wallingford Chevron to check out their hilarious signs.

It used to be that churches were the main source of funny signs, but this gas station is giving them a run for their money.

1. Good one

2. What, honey?

3. We all do

4. Didn’t see that coming

5. A solid entry

6. Tense

7. Grate news!

8. Where it’s at

9. Hahahaha

10. I’ve been there

11. All of ’em

12. I concur

13. Zing!

14. Might be…

15. On the fence

16. Toad, get it?

17. And let’s end with a funny/true one

18. Still searching for them

19. Do it now

The sign game is strong with this one.