This is Why More and More Men Are Painting Their Nails

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If you see a male with painted toes and fingernails and assume that he’s either a) got a young daughter or b) is somehow living outside the mainstream of masculinity, well, be prepared to change your assumptions, my friends.

The menicure is here, and it looks like it’s gonna stay.

Fashion trends come and go, but I, for one, always cheer for the ones that bring up discussions about freedom and longstanding but useless social constructs, don’t you?

Men painting their nails isn’t exactly new – musicians like Kurt Cobain and David Bowie led the charge in the days of grunge and emo, and actors and other celebrities like Marc Jacob and Jonathan Van Ness are on trend today, along with (according to Mei Kawahiri) Harry Styles, Asap Rocky, and Pete Davidson.

Though it used to be that black nails was the main thing on men, guys today are really venturing out – choosing different colors and, honestly, living their best lives.

Whether they take a leap with color or stick to neutrals that are easy to match, men getting manicures and pedicures is becoming a mainstream thing.

Anything that challenges us, promotes inclusion, celebrates diversity, or encourages people to express their most authentic self is on the menu – and on trend – in today’s society. And as a women who has had the socially acceptable option to paint her nails every day of her adult life, I can vouch for the fact that a little pop of color can make you feel happier, more confident, and just give you a reason to smile.

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There’s no reason to deny those things to men who want to paint their nails, so the next time you see a guy sporting his happy menicure, make sure to pay him what I’m sure will be a well-deserved compliment.