This Man’s Messages to a Married Woman Are Unbelievably Cringeworthy

Photo Credit: Imgur,    0vfireandthev0id


Social media has brought us all closer together in many ways… for better or for worse. While it enables us to stay connected to friends and meet new people all around the world, it also opens us up to a world of strangers – not all of whom have good intentions.

This guy reached out to a married woman out of the blue, and his messages read like an eff-ed up version of 50 Shades of Grey, even down to the internal dialogue, facial expressions, and tears!

This will make you rethink your privacy settings online…You’ve been warned.

Queen? Is this guy serious?

Anger and tears. Quite the combination.

Crazy. First an apology, now comes name calling.

At least she has a sense of humor.

Hope this woman reported him and this guy, whoever he is, gets his head on straight.