This Man’s Reaction to a Cat Interrupting His Interview Is Cracking the Internet up



If you have a cat, this video is going to speak to you – after all, no one understands better than cat owners that you have zero control over when and how you pay attention to your cat. They decide and you comply, or the claws and teeth will come out.

And Polish academic Dr. Jerzy Targalski seems like he gets that, too, based on his unsurprised and unruffled response to his ginger cat, Lisio, interrupting a live interview on Poland’s Supreme Court crisis. The cat started out lounging on the table beside him, but soon decides his owner has hogged too much of the spotlight.

Lisio hopped up on Dr. Targalski’s shoulders and paraded back and forth, but the man’s only response was to move the cat’s tail from in front of his eyes and continue speaking. A+ composure, my friend.

Rudy Bouma, who conducted the interview, uploaded it to Twitter and now Dr. Targalski – and Lisio – are internet famous. Just as the cat intended, I’m sure.

Beware the perils of working from home, people!