This Note for the Babysitter Isn’t About the Baby – It’s About the Crazy Cat



Many first time parents find leaving their little one with a babysitter a hard thing to do. You worry about your child missing you, about the person you choose being the best fit for the job, and a million other little things…but most of us don’t worry about how the babysitter will handle our insane cat.

For Twitter user @twisteddoodles, it wasn’t so much about how to care for their cat, but how to be in the same house as their cat and not get accosted. 

Her instructions basically read like a manual for cat owners, period.

Because there are really two kinds of cats: sweet, loving cats and complete and utter jerks who are just putting up with each other.

Twitter loved the report back from the babysitter, and of course, could empathize.

*Hunger Games salute*