This Twitter Thread Will Educate You About Vaginas



Considering the fact that 50% of the population owns a vagina and a good percentage of people who don’t will have concerns related to a vagina at some point in their lives, it’s truly amazing how much people don’t know (or don’t want to discuss) about the female-owned organ.

Proof? Women still buy douche and wear fancy panties every day of their lives.

But Twitter user Alison Pool is taking us all to school – and trust me, you’ll probably learn something before she’s done!

tl:dr: Vaginas are like self-cleaning ovens. Don’t mess put cleaning products in them, let them air out once in a while, and if they appear broken, go see a professional. Oh yeah, and always pee after you have sex. #glam

And so it begins.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Now you know. Don’t let men tell you how to take care of your ladybits, friends. Do it your own damn selves.