This Woman Is Waging a Hilarious War Against Selfies by “Dying” in Her Photos


STEFDIES is a photo series by an anonymous woman who pretends to be, well, dead in photos.

And there’s a good reason for it!

The STEFDIES series reminds us we will one day die, like our face down figure. Hence seeing her in the photograph wakes up not only the image but us. We are given the opportunity to ‘die before we die’ and really take in the moment in the photo as we must in life. It is not about death, it is about life.

STEFDIES is a constant reminder of how precious life is. The breath inside is what we all ultimately seek.

So that’s fun!

You know what’s more fun? Her pictures!

1. Under the Golden Gate bridge…

2. In Madrid!

3. At Disney World?

4. Looks like London?

5. At a petting zoo!

6. A friend joining her for an art show!

7. Okay, that could actually be lethal…

8. Eiffel corpse!

9. Smashed on the rocks!

10. Enjoying a snack…

11. Parking lot probs…

12. Along the English countryside…

13. Submerged

14. Outside Notre Dame

15. Clowning around!

Check out her website here and Instagram here, and enjoy all that weirdness. You’ve earned it.