We Can’t Even Be Mad at These 12+ Clever Passive Aggressive Notes


Listen, nobody likes confrontation. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and can lead to some pretty big fights. That’s why people choose to leave passive aggressive notes. Unfortunately, these can make people just as upset. Unless, of course, they’re really clever.

1. “Um, we could have just remade it for you…”

Photo Credit: Imgur: jllongtine2

2. “My roommate gave me the rent money today.”

Photo Credit: Imgur: animaldoggie

3. “Our new neighbors are bigots. Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later…”

4. Must. Touch. Microwave.

Photo Credit: Imgur: bugzrrad

5. “My roommate put this on our fridge.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: pestoner

6. Classic.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Connie23

7. I’m sure they love that.

Photo Credit: Reddit: moejike

8. Fun coworkers.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Pistolfist

9. Who does that?

10. It’s a bad habit.

Photo Credit: Imgur: demoe1218

11. Gross.

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12. People gotta learn.

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13. If bottles could talk.

14. What a monster.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Ape_X

15. Yikes.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Brodoor