What Your Body Odor Says About Your Health

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Our bodies give off all kinds of odors. We usually only think about regular old B.O. caused by sweat, but the way you smell actually says a lot about your health.

Read on to see what these various scents mean if they are emanating from your body.

1. If your body smells like fecal matter…

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Let’s hope you don’t have to deal with this, but unfortunately, some people do. If so, you may have a bowel obstruction, which can be a pretty serious medical condition. This can also cause really horrible breath that smells like poop.

2. If you smell bitter…

You might have a liver problem, which is not something you ever want to sleep on. If you smell like this, go have a doctor check you out ASAP.

3. If you’re giving off a fishy odor…

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You might be dealing with Trimethylaminuria, also known as Fish Odor Syndrome. This is a genetic disease and comes out in the sweat, breath, and urine of people affected by it. Your body may also give off a fishy odor if you have an excess of proteins in your diet.

4. If you smell sweet…

You might want to get checked out for diabetes. You may have high levels of ketones in your bloodstream, which results in a sweet smell. If your urine smells sweet, you might have a disorder known as Maple syrup urine disease where the body is unable to break down various amino acids.

5. The dreaded rotten egg smell…

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This might mean that you eat too much meat, particularly red meat.

6. Smell of alcohol?

Well…you’re probably drinking too much. Your body can break down about 90% of alcohol, but the other 10% comes out in our urine, sweat, and the respiratory system. That’s why you stink like booze after you’ve overdone it a couple nights in a row.

7. If you smell sweaty and you sweat too much…

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You might have hyperhidrosis, basically excessive sweating. If you have this condition, it doesn’t mean you are unhealthy, it just means you sweat more than other people.

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