Why The Salem Witch Trials Happened, According to Tumblr


Nowadays, we know that witches are nothing more than a bunch of hocus-pocus, but back in the 1600s, it was a different story. The Salem Witch Trials were a real thing that led to over 200 people being accused of witchcraft, 20 of whom were eventually executed.

While many theories exist as to the actual reason behind this strange moment in history, they’ve all been based on rumor, speculation, or ridiculous fiction. But some of the best evidence we have lies in medical reports that attribute “possession” to hallucinogenic effects.

So, a group of Tumblr users put their heads together and attempted to offer up their best guess as to how the Salem Witch Trials came about. If you ask me, it makes a whole lot of sense!

Photo Credit: Tumblr: obytheby

So, what do you think? Are you as convinced as I am?