Women Share the Darkest Secrets They’re Keeping From Their Partners

Image Credit: Whisper


We all have secrets, and with a lot of people – even the ones you think you know best – you’ll never really uncover everything.

That’s part of what keeps things interesting, but if the secrets are too deep and dark, it can also be what tears your relationship apart.

These 12 women are fessing up to what they’ve been keeping hidden – and the jury’s out on how bad the fallout will be when things come to light.

12. They never do, honey.

11. Oh boy, that is a big one.

10. I hope she’s planning quite the reveal.

9. I wonder why he thinks she’s crying.

8. Well, that’s a doozy. Guessing the husband also doesn’t know about the boyfriend?

7. That’s a lot to unpack.

6. Something tells me he might.

5. At least you don’t need his money.

4. We’re all faking it until we make it.

3. I bet she did some fast talking to cover that!

2. This seems like something you’d want to share.

1. I hope you’re a good teacher.

I’m not much for keeping secrets, myself – it takes too much mental effort to remind myself what I’m not supposed to be talking about, and I don’t have a ton to spare.

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