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People Debate Which Candy Is The Worst Of All-Time

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A good majority of us prefer sweet over savory, and we are insatiable when it comes to our cravings for treats with sugar as the primary ingredient.

As kids, many of us may or may not have salivated over the candy selection at the grocery check-out counter and “accidentally” threw a KitKat and/or a Twix bar on top of mom’s grocery pile for purchasing.

We could devour any of those selections. Or could we?

When it comes to sweets, it seems we can still be discerning about which ones to put in our mouths.

Redditor EmmaClark43244 asked:

“What is the worst candy of all time?”

Acquired Taste?

“I’ve never understood why people hate candy corn. I love them personally but I’m mentioning it because I know people hate ’em.” – Dyl-thuzad

Chocolate Knock-Off

“Palmer brand ‘chocolate’.”

“The cheapest most garbage chocolate you can buy a lot of around easter and Halloween.” – sneed_feed-seed

No Sugar? No Way

“Haribo sugar free gummies.” – Sonotmethen

Not For Black Licorice Fans

“Dubbelzoute drop. From the Netherlands. It’s just anise (black licorice flavor) and tons of salt, with no sugar. My former boss was Dutch and loved them, made me eat them from time to time to be polite… It’s not something you can ever love, unless you grew up thinking it was normal.” – MightiestThor

Thank You, Bertie Bott’s Beans

“Those Harry Potter jelly beans that actually taste like the flavors they have like earwax, dirt, puke. Yeah. Not a good experience.” – Bulky_Bicycle_9196

Waxy Goodness

“Those weird wax bottles in the candy section were you drink the sugar water (these are tiny, like the size of a finger) and are just stuck with the wax afterwards.” – peonyseahorse

Unloved Candy

“those valentines hearts that are stamped out of sidewalk chalk.” – thefirstbrick

Not A Fan

“Zoute Drop: It’s black licorice and salt. Imagine chewing on a tablespoons of pure salt with unsweetened licorice.” – greeniewillow

They’re Definitely Not Peanuts

“Circus peanuts. What the heck even are they. Weird fruit-but-not-any-fruit-youve-ever-eaten flavor, off-putting orange color, shaped like mutated peanut with the consistency of smushed marshmallow.” – thousand7734

The Familiar Suspects

“Laughing at these comments because I love all of these – circus peanuts, black licorice, Good and Plenty, Twizzlers, candy corn, conversation hearts, Werther’s Originals, etc.”

“If I had to pick one from the comments so far it would probably be Tootsie Rolls. You think it’s gonna be chocolate but it’s something weird. Tootsie Pops on the other hand are the bomb!” – DadsRGR8

Big Offenders

“You’re gonna hate me but I have a list.. all wax candies including candy corn, candy pumpkins and those bottles. Twizlers, black licorice, anything black licorice flavored. Any chocolate that you put in your mouth that doesn’t melt but rather.. crumbles?”

“Like chalk/sand chocolate. Idk it’s awful. Idk if this counts but those bubble gum brands that decide to turn into mashed potatoes as you chew them absolutely randomly.”

“This is because of a personal experience involving two pounds of them and vomit, but, jelly beans, and along with them, other similar candies. Candies that aren’t really candy but rather that healthy thing that grandma gave you.”

“Not because they taste bad, they’re almost always strangely good, but because they’re misleading and that’s a crime. The ‘mixed berry’ and ‘cherry’ and the occasional ‘grape’ candies that taste like liquid cough medicine.”

“Idk what they’re called but they’re like.. they come in the form of lollipops sometimes, or something similar to off brand jolly ranchers.” – Shh_Its_Alex

Gummy Swimmers

“Swedish fish. They taunt you with their outward appearance. Luring you into a false sense of security. They fill your head with the childhood memories of yore.”

“Begging you to come closer. Please, put me in your mouth. Please. I’m just like a gummy bear. F’KING LIES!!!!!” – SeaFaringPig

Halloween Staple

“Candy corn. It’s not even remotely close.” – Adomillad

Thing About Hershey’s

“Coming from the UK and being raised on Cadburys, I’m really not sure how anyone enjoys Hersheys which absolutely tastes like literal puke.” – purplehornet1973

Soda Pop Bottle

“Them waxy little soda’s with that liquid inside. As a kid I always thought you were supposed to eat the whole thing. Yuk.” – KingsterMan

It’s a Marshmallow World

“PEEPS! I just don’t get what there is to like about them. My kids will knock over a 7-11 for them. Yellow ones, pink ones, rabbit or pumpkin shaped….same mushy crap.” – nuclear_pickle_cpc

Taste Of Wax Paper

“When I was a kid I tried those dots of sugar on the paper roll? The paper would always stick to the sugar, you rarely got the dot off with out the paper. It was annoying and even though the sugar tasted great, the chewing of paper was not.” – MickeyRipple


“Lollipops kinda suck ass. Probably not the worst they just popped into my mind. I don’t want to commit to sucking on that damn thing for several minutes when I could just eat something different that’s over and done with in 10 seconds. Idk maybe I’m weird.” – Jimjangofett

Sticky Kisses

“I just found out the name of these after 33 years. I also don’t know if they are available outside of Canada, but should be. They are called Molasses kisses.”

“I enjoy molasses but these are the most disgusting of candy. I never met anyone that like them. Everyone I know hated them. Don’t know why do many people bought them to give away, never even seen any to buy from any sites either, I have no idea where people get em.”

“It’s so weird.” – Asrack


“The lavender-flavored hard candy from Europe that turns your mouth blue. It tastes like a pot-puri.”

“I was given a piece when I was filling in for the regular staff and was dispensing medications (pharmacist) with a blue mouth all day. I got punked big time.” – TapirRide

Brown Wax

“Tootsie Rolls are awful. I’ve never met anyone who buys Tootsie rolls and enjoys them. The only time anyone gets a Tootsie roll is on Halloween when they’re unlucky enough to visit a house that hates children.” – drblah1

For me, it’s wax lips.

Why are those always in the candy section when they should be in the toy section?

Because those aren’t candy.

It’s a simulation of Botox gone wrong.

No thank you, next!

Written by Koh Mochizuki

Koh Mochizuki is a New York-based actor and writer. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, he received his B.A. in English literature and is fluent in Japanese. Disney parks are his passion, and endless cups of coffee are a necessity. Instagram: kohster Twitter: @kohster1