Yes, I Do Expect A “Hello” to Me If You Hug My Significant Other. Thanks


I think something just got started…

Twitter user @Lindsaysturg did this thing…

“Is it rude for a girl or guy to say hi and hug your significant other but not acknowledge you”

Yeah, it’s definitely a firestorm.

Needless to say, the retweets ran away with it.

But to the core question… OF COURSE IT IS RUDE! Why would you only acknowledge a person and not their SO? That is CRAZINESS. And it’s only for those of you who want to start trouble.

Twitter, yeah, she agrees…

Because who would do this?!

Listen, EVERYBODY involved with the greetings is rude. Full stop.

Because how dare you!

We all know how being rude works…

And we do not have time for it!

Thankfully, though, this isn’t all being laid at the girl’s feet…

Because what’s up with your SO, tho?

Let’s all be friends, mmmmmkay?

It’s just what you should do…

What do you think? Would it be rude? Do you not care?

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