You Absolutely Do Not Want to See These 12 Sights on a Monday Morning


Monday is widely agreed to be the worst day of the week. Even when everything goes okay, there’s still a weird stink to Mondays that we can’t quite shake. These people, however, are having extra-terrible Mondays.

1. This makes my soul hurt.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @GrPhobia

2. “Hey boss, I’ll save you some time. I’m fired.”

Photo Credit: AcidCow

3. I hope they’re not using the HOV lane!

Photo Credit: Reddit: TheAndyC

4. “Ah, what a lovely goose. Hold on, what does this sign say?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: MegaFgit33

5. “Sorry, honey, a baboon stole the groceries.”

6. At least it made for some great photos.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

7. Ouch.

Photo Credit: Pikabu: lulu20

8. If you can afford a car that looks like that, then you can afford to get it cleaned.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

9. Hope everyone at the office is cool with my morning breath.

Photo Credit: Imgur: LadyDildozord

10. Nope.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

11. Annnnnd…I’m going back to bed.

Photo Credit: AcidCow

12. Some days, your breakfast eats you.

Photo Credit: AcidCow