You Can Now Buy Matching BFF Necklaces For You and Your Dog

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Ok, so I’ve only been a puppy parent for a few months now, but still, I need this in my life.

You’ve no doubt seen those necklaces that two human BFFs wear so they can always be thinking of their partner in crime. Well, now you can do the same thing with your dog! Because let’s be real, human friends are fine and everything, but our dogs are our real best friends, no doubt about it.

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You can get these matching necklaces/dog collars from an Etsy vendor named SlashpileDesigns.

The human (that means you) gets an 18″ chain with a silver dog bone attached, and your doggo gets a cool collar pendant with the bone silhouette. Together forever, right?!?!

Photo Credit: Etsy

You can also get a heart design as well.

If you want to engrave your new set of jewelry, it’ll cost you an extra $25.

I think both you and Fido will be very happy with this purchase.