You’ve Probably Never Heard of Tonsil Stones – Unless You Have Them


Tonsil stones are about as gross as they sound. If I had one, I probably wouldn’t fess up until at least the second or third month of dating (and I am someone who has zero filter).

Actually, tonsil stones aren’t stones at all, but small, hard accumulations of dead cells, mucus, and food particles that gather in the crevices behind your tonsils and harden into little pellets.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Worse still – you can actually pop them out like tiny little teeth. *shudder*

Small ones can be harmless, but if they grow larger, they can cause stinky breath, sore throats, and even ear pain. People who have larger tonsils or repeated trouble with tonsillitis are more susceptible to the little buggers, but anyone can get them.

That said, they’re common enough that you probably know someone who has them. So if you want to see for yourself, ask around!

Check out the Gross Science video below for more details (and pics, if you can handle them!).