Zuu the Cat’s Expression Says “I Just Can’t Handle This Anymore”


There are any number of times when our faces surely say “Wtf I cannot with one more thing right now,” but I guarantee you, your face is less expressive for those situations than that of Zuu the cat.

He’s had enough, and he just wants to sleep.

Or have more coffee.

Zuu is an Exotic Longair cat, and he’s just a couple of years old. His owner, Chika, posts pictures of both him and his brother, Bocco (an Exotic Shorthair) on Instagram.

People are loving the pictures, probably because if people love anything more than cats, it’s cats who look as if they understand the human condition better than actual humans.

Seriously, it’s like looking in a mirror first thing in the morning.

If you’re thinking about grabbing one of these cats for yourself, know that they require daily grooming to keep the tear stains off their faces. Also, they’re so lazy that some, like these two floofs, prefer to be hand fed.

But I mean. Who doesn’t?

Just one more reason that I definitely want to come back as a cat, if those sorts of requests are granted.