UberFacts Wrote a Book!

You follow UberFacts on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and the app.  Want to know more fun and surprising facts, stories and statistics?  Find tons of bizarre and topical tidbits—from art and science to literature and history, and everything in between—in Cats Are Capable of Mind Control, the essential collection of trivia for entertainment and wisdom.    Pre-order the book here! hc.com/uberfacts  

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You Can Make Diamonds Out Of Tequila!

Tequila may be just another drink to those out in the town, but to a team of scientists in Mexico their country’s native alcohol turned out to be a gem; a diamond, to be precise. Javier Morales, Luis Apátiga and Victor Castaño at the National Autonomous University of Mexico made the alchemist-worthy discovery while experimenting turning various organic solutions, such

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4 Mind-Blowing Facts for Star Wars Fans (and a chance to WIN some cool Star Wars gear)

Star Wars UberFacts Give Away!

It’s not quite May the Fourth yet, but since we’re giving away some sweet Star Wars™ First Edition STREET by 50 On-Ear Headphones… we’ve got some fun facts from a galaxy far, far away. Don’t worry – none of them have anything to do with Jar Jar. A Schizophrenic Galactic Empire? Did you know Darth Vader was played by a total

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